A Concert of Rebirth at Holzmarkt 25 – December 1st

Ashia Bison Rouge_Golden_Glow_WEB

One year and a few months after my son’s birth, I am coming out from under the skirts of of young motherhood and shedding some skin and light in the form of song and cello compositions in a concert at Holzmarkt25 in the Artistinhalle. It has been a beautiful and also challenging year. Becoming a mother is not just saying it, its also living it, breathing it, and understanding it. It took me almost a full year to realize what that is and what being a mother is to me. But, even so, I won’t be singing all about maternal longings, no. It will be sounds and texts celebrating love, death, trust, and life in layers of cello loops, strong, and venerable vocals.
I welcome you to join me, in the warmth of the Aristinhalle on floor cushions and chairs for a unique listening experience. DJ Ferry Belafonte will play some Classical and Folk Vinyl upon your arrival and exit.
Tickets are 8/10 Euros