Bison Bigos and Barszcz Rouge! Eastern Europe and the new EP

The Polish Grandma song ‘Prosto do Nieba’ will find Polish, Czech, and Eastern Euro Ex-pat ears a listening. Before leaving for Poland friends and EP recording musicians came over and while eating Bigos made with Buffalo and slurping down deep red beat soup (vegetarian to boot!) we gave a first listen to of the new EP, Bison Rouge. Cheers and Na Zdrowie followed to hot Zubrowka Cider and with this in mind and heart I embark on the Slavic hinterlands. 7 hour long days of train transfers await! Prague, Krakow, Brno, and finally my birth city Wroclaw! Performing with Krakow’s own retro circus band Vladimirska, singing in a defunct brewery artist loft in Brno, seeing Prague for the first time, and playing alongside Poland’s finest accordionist Piotr Dziubek, is reason enough to board each leg of each trip.
Check the shows and calendar for details.
Here are some posters of the shows!!

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