Der Helle Wahnsinn – Now until Oct.5th

Basically in ‘Der Helle Wahnsinn’ (Sheer Madness) I’m treating acrobat patients as a Nun-Nurse two years after WWII in a German psychological institution musical play…
… all while playing the cello and singing.
I’ve always wanted to be a therapist, now I have a chance!
My favorite patient, Punka (played by David Periera), is a gypsy boy I saved from the streets. His entire family was killed by Nazis and he survived by wearing women’s clothing. He expresses is loss and desires in a contortion dance and aerial hoop.
I dislike a new patient, Heymann (Jack Woodhead), who wants to create a Cabaret Revue with all the patients and make a star out of Punka.
It seems like childs play until an American Producer, Mr. Wonderland, wants to see Punka and recruit him for his own show… of course I don’t want to lose Punka.
Will Mr. Wonderland take Punka away? Will I stay with Punka?
Come see the show at the Wintergarten Berlin!

We have an amazing band of 5 people with instruments (Matt Voodoo, Tobias Tinker, Lukas Thieman, Jack Woodhead): guitar, bass, cello, accordion, trumpet, french horn, piano, ukulele, drums, percussion.. yeah.. do the math- its amazing.
And an amazing cast with artists from Base Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin, Cirque du Soleil directed by Markus Pabst.