Recording a New Album! Pre-Order & Support!

Thank-You for helping us record and pre-ordering the new album!
We are recording an album that sounds more like we do on stage: Just Cello, Violin, Ukulele, and Vocals.
The new album will be new songs with beautiful cello and violin string arrangements, octave pedal bass parts, effects, vocal layers. Some of the pieces have 30 tracks of cello layers, some a huge and epic sound, while others will be more intimate and just a few voices.The songs and themes will cover ancestry, roots, the earth, love.. you know, what us Bison live for.
We have already recorded 7 songs and we are scheduling more!

*Donate any amount and you can immediately download some songs from the past- B-sides, Singles, and a few chosen! We will email WAVs/MP3s of the new album to you in January or February when it is finished! Thank-you!!!*

Your ‘Pay as much as you like’ pre-order will help cover these costs:
– renting recording spaces, equipment, and studios
– studio time
– hiring an engineer
– mixing and mastering costs
– travel costs for Ola and I to record together (we live in different cities!)
– album artwork

Below are videos of songs that will be on the album.
And, oh yeah.. and this not a Kickstarter or a massive fundraiser, but a way we’d love to share the new album and get the word out that its coming soon! Share, support, love…

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more videos coming….
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