Special Berlin Pre-Album Release Concert w/Dancers Dec. 5th @ KATER BLAU!

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On December 5th, 2015, at 10:00pm I will be performing a special concert with dancer guests David Pereira, Chris & Felice from Base Berlin Artistik.
There will be a new program with songs from the new album ‘ODER. Nowadays, with 2 loop-stations and effects, I connect dreamy and dynamic pop/folk songs with layers of ambient textures called ‘Song-Islands’ or ‘Song-Archipelego’.
The CD will be available for purchase at the show… and a ticket for the show gets you in to dance dance dance at Kater all night and celebrate the new album with us!

5.12 Kater Blau
21:00 Einlassen/Doors
22:00 Konzert/ShowTickets/Karten

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SoundCloud with Songs from ODER!

American Songbirds Festival Tour – March 2015

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In just less than a month I will be joining three incredible songwriters, instrumentalists, and composers on a 20 city tour in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Slovenia!
This year we will have Daisy Chapmann join us, the original three, Rachelle Garniez, Kyrie Kristmanson, and my solo project Ashia & the Bison Rouge along with 2 violinists and a bassist. My sweet violinist Olga Kwiatek from Wroclaw, PL!!

I will have a very special compilation CD with original artwork exclusively printed (only 100 copies!) for this American Songbirds Festival Tour including new songs! Please check the calendar for details and find your city below!!

AMERICAN SONGBIRDS „Sing me a song“ Tour Dates 2015
5.3. Regensburg Alte Mälzerei
6.3. Langenau Pfleghofsaal
7.3. Ravensburg Zehntscheuer
8.3. CH – Bern Bee-flat
9.3. A – Innsbruck Treibhaus
10.3. Slo – Ljubjana Cankarjev Dom
11.3. A – Wien Sargfabrik
12.3. München Ampere
13.3. Bad Homburg Kulturbahnhof
14.3. Schweich Synagoge
15.3. Stuttgart Theaterhaus
17.3. Bremen Schlachthof
18.3. Lich Kino Traumstein
19.3. Hamburg The Box
20.3. Hannover Pavillon
21.3. Osnabrück Cinema Arthouse/Blue Note
22.3. Wuppertal Börse
24.3. Bielefeld Forum
25.3. Berlin Admiralspalast
26.3. Halle/Saale Operncafe
28.3. Lituania – Vilnius Russian Dramos Theater
29.3. Lituania – Kaunas VDU Hall

Recording a New Album! Pre-Order & Support!

We are recording a new album of ‘cello songs’ with just layers of cello, violin, ukulele, and vocals.
It will sound like how we do live, so we are very excited.
Seven Songs have been recorded and we have five that are ready to be mixed! We want to have it finished by January or February the latest! The songs and themes will cover ancestry, roots, the earth, love.. you know what us Bison live for.
You can pre-order the New Album for how much you want ($1-$100 or Euros or whatever currency) by clicking on our noses!! Thank-you!!

More Info Here!

Der Helle Wahnsinn – Now until Oct.5th

Basically in ‘Der Helle Wahnsinn’ (Sheer Madness) I’m treating acrobat patients as a Nun-Nurse two years after WWII in a German psychological institution musical play…
… all while playing the cello and singing.
I’ve always wanted to be a therapist, now I have a chance!
My favorite patient, Punka (played by David Periera), is a gypsy boy I saved from the streets. His entire family was killed by Nazis and he survived by wearing women’s clothing. He expresses is loss and desires in a contortion dance and aerial hoop.
I dislike a new patient, Heymann (Jack Woodhead), who wants to create a Cabaret Revue with all the patients and make a star out of Punka.
It seems like childs play until an American Producer, Mr. Wonderland, wants to see Punka and recruit him for his own show… of course I don’t want to lose Punka.
Will Mr. Wonderland take Punka away? Will I stay with Punka?
Come see the show at the Wintergarten Berlin!

We have an amazing band of 5 people with instruments (Matt Voodoo, Tobias Tinker, Lukas Thieman, Jack Woodhead): guitar, bass, cello, accordion, trumpet, french horn, piano, ukulele, drums, percussion.. yeah.. do the math- its amazing.
And an amazing cast with artists from Base Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin, Cirque du Soleil directed by Markus Pabst.

JUNE! Habrovka Festival Prague! CZ/PL TOUR!!

Ashia Grzesik, Ashia & the Bison Rouge, Ashia, Cellist Songbird
Czech Republic and Poland Tour!

Hitching up the Cello, Backpack, and CDs for a train ride tour along with a new Violinist Simon Kluth for the Czech Republic Run! Olga Kwiatek will be joining me for Apropos Club and Nowa Cafe in Poland!!!

MAY 30th BERLIN – Donau115!!!
3.June – BRNO – Open Mic na Praha
4.June – PRAHA – Open Mic Praha
5.June – PARDUBICE – Divadlo 29
6.June – PRAHA – Habrovka Festival

12.June – OSTRAVA – Cooltour
13.June – WAŁBRYCH, PL – Apropos Club
14.June – WROCŁAW, PL – Nowa Cafe
19.June – BERLIN, DE – Schiefebahn