Projects & Timeline

Month of January Vacation in the Canary Islands…

‘ODER’ Pre-release December Show at Kater Blau
Cello Music for Gavin Evan’s film ‘Barrie’ from the series ‘Diving’
Birdmilk Collective – Garbicz Festival Shows
Songbird Collective 2015 Summer Tour
Arstidir Summer Tour
– guest cellist in Germany and Switzerland
dUMMY the Show
– Netherlands Tour and Chamaleon Theater Guest for one week
Performance of Solo Songs with the Salem Chamber Orchestra
Songbird Collective Spring Tour:
– 20 shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania
8 Concerts Czech Republic Tour including Wallenstein’s Loggia in Bohemia – a building built in accordance with astrological lines and points of reference.
Took a dip in an icy Austrian stream pool under waterfalls
Performed on an Austrian Lake, in Castles, alongside Glacier Carved Lakes in Northern Poland and Brandenburg
Experienced Paris and Amsterdam for the first time
Took German classes to get better at this ‘Sprache’
Had tea and cookies with a German Princess in her Castle on Christmas Day – Wirklich!
Falling deeper in love with the same Sweet German…

Songbird Collective Spring 2014 Tour
– Germany and Austria, from the Bodensee to the Nordsee
– performed in duo with Olga Kwiatek on violin
“Der Helle Wahnsinn” Wintergarten Variety Berlin
– cellist, singer, and role of ‘Schwester Hildegard’
Began recording the album ‘ODER’
The Roots beckoned to Berlin
Burn-Out Lung Infections Sickness in Winter 2014
Fell in love with a Sweet German in the Autumn amongst the fallen leaves in Northern Brandenburg

Release of ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ album on JARO Median
RACC Grant Performance of ‘Polish Immigrant Songs///Diesel vs Lungs CD Release’ in Portland, OR
dUMMY the Show – Chamaleon Theater Berlin
– wrote and performed cello looping pieces for 2 Acts
– broke my Right Foot and performed on the looping pedal in a Giant Plastic Boot
Began a Video Project to song ‘They Take’ from ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ with actor and dancer Karen Remy about Industry vs Nature
Solo Tours and Concerts in Berlin and Beyond along with Olga Kwiatek on violin …

dUMMY the Show – Essen and Hannover
Attended ‘Colours of Ostrava’ and was moved to tears seeing Anthony and the Johnsons perform with a Czech Orchestra at a gigantic old turn of the 20th Century Metal Industrial Factory.
Produced and Shot music video for ‘Country will do her Well’ with Antonio Pedro Nombre
Received funding through a Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ Album
Began to feel confused and misplaced.. the Roots were Calling…
Began recording ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ in the Fall of 2012
The relationship with the loving Libertarian boyfriend came apart…
Flew to Essen, DE to join dUMMY the Show

2008 – 2012:
Portland Cello Project 
– tours in Alaska, Midwest USA, Louisiana, Seattle
– performed with Laura Gibson, Storm Large, Emily Wells, Musee Mechanique, Alleluja Choir, amongst many more Portland and Pacific NW Indie Bands & Artists
– Recorded piece ‘Broken Crowns’ on album ‘A Thousand Words
Vagabond Opera
– Cabarista, Singer, Cellist, Character
– tours through-out North America and at Festival Piosenki
Aktorskie, Wrocław. PL

– recorded and wrote songs ‘Beard & Moustache’ ‘Spirit Dances Evermore’ for album ‘Sing for Your Lives’
Recorded, released, and produced the EP ‘Bison Rouge’ 2011
Booked and Toured Czech Republic and Poland all on trains and buses in January 2011
Performed with Patti King on Violin/Guitar and Todd Bayles on Accordion/Drums
Walked through the empty streets of Prague in Winter
Had the honor to perform at the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction, CA and at the New Directions Cello Association Summer Festival

Music composed for “The Gray Sisters” by Craig Wright Third Rail Repertory Theatre
– Received Portland Drammy Award for best original music
‘Queen of Knives Opera’: Leading Soprano role of ‘Katrina’
Discovered a hot spring in Eastern Oregon next to a horse ranch with a loving Libertarian boyfriend
Wrote the ‘Polish Grandma Song’ ‘Prosto do Nieba’ during this time and the search for ‘Roots’ began.

(2001) 2003 – 2007:
Cirque du Soleil’s production of “O” in Las Vegas, NV– cellist, singer, character
Began creating acts with circus and clown artists
Took long drives and weekends in the Desert listening to the Rocks and Wind
Danced with an 85 Year Old Millionaire
Shook hands with Hillary Clinton, Sting, Tom Cruise
Had a cocktail with Quincy Jones in the Bellagio
Released the EP ‘Pay to be Loved’ with a ‘Cabaret Show’ including artists from many other Vegas Strip Shows
Overcame Bursitis in the left elbow and the battle with pains throughout the neck, back, and arms
Found Yoga, Cognitive Psychology, and a Holistic Approach a great help to healing chronic pain
Left a cozy Cirque du Soleil contract with healthy arms and heart full of wonder for the future
Flew to Berlin and met some acrobat performers that would somehow effect life 6 years later…

Central Washington University ‘Bachelor of Arts in Music’.
– Cello Studies with John Michel
– Courses in Music Education
BANFF Center of the Arts Cello Masterclasses
Japan 1,000 Cellos Congress
Met the Prince of Japan
Performed with Cirque du Soleil’s “O” for four months
Struggled with tendonitis and searched for the ‘perfect music- artistic field’ since just playing cello was painful- opera, musical theater, chamber choir singing, composition, etc…