Summer, Oh Summertime in Poland and Pacific NW!!

In just about a week I’ll be crossing the Atlantic again to the country that holds the roots to my soul, Poland. The open fields with bright red poppies blooming have been calling me once again! There I will perform for the International Footbridge Builders Association dinner party along with my friends Olga Kwaitek on violin and Piotr Dziubek on accordion. Pedestrians and Bicyclists unite!

I’ll be heading out to Krakow for an outdoor performance in a special green space and to check out the Jewish Festival to partake in some midnight klezmer jams on cello. Perhaps I’ll bring along music of my own and Vagabond Opera’s to see what happens! The rest of the time there will be spent with my family in some distant remote corner on a peaceful lake or some hot springs! Finally a small break since I’ll be coming back to Vagabond Opera shows at Portland’s first Steampunk Convention, GearCon and possibly filming our video for the upcoming release of the new CD!  I’ll be performing solo shows August 12th in Seattle along with Eliza Rickmana and Bat Country and August 13 and 14th at Arts in The Forest in West Linn (Portland area)! A busy and beautiful summer it will be!

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