TOA19 Berlin Workshop and ‘Battle of Sounds’

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This summer I had the exciting opportunity of presenting my ‘Loopstation and Sound Laboratory’ Workshop to TOA19 Berlin participants, as well as participating myself in a ‘Battle of the Sounds’ in Studio 3 alongside 4 other incredible electronic artists in a competition to win ‘Native Instruments Komplete 12’ and the ‘Maschine MK3’.

I presented a short 30 minute version of the Workshop especially for this event, regardless of the short time we had, the participants were very curious and brave to join in co-creating a group composition. It was also incredible to see that the ‘front row’ of participants were mainly women, and it brought me more pride to be presenting this unique composition workshop.

In the ‘Battle of Sounds’, each of us electronic musicians played just 1:30 of some of our ‘Best Sounds’ to compete for audience approval. Round after Round of elimination, I won with a raise of hands. It was an incredible feeling to witness so much support for my sounds.
I’m very exciting to begin learning the Maschine MK3 and to begin trying out and composing with the Native Instruments.

Tech Open Air 2019 at Funkhaus Berlin, Photo: Stefan Wieland 2019
Tech Open Air 2019 at Funkhaus Berlin, Photo: Stefan Wieland 2019
Tech Open Air 2019 at Funkhaus Berlin, Photo: Stefan Wieland 2019
Tech Open Air 2019 at Funkhaus Berlin, Photo: Stefan Wieland 2019

International Women’s Day Concert at Feinkost Lampe

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Electricity from a Desert Storm sends down a lightning strike that breaks apart the earth, Instrument Cables and Effects begin to grow, a Cello blossoms to the Sky, a Voice calls from beyond the Horizon.
On March 8th, Feinkost Lampe & the Bison Rouge, invite you to celebrate International Women’s for a special concert titled ‘a Right of Spring’ with original compositions and covers with themes of nature, life circles, love, and trust.
Being a woman and a Human: singular and communal, strong and supporting. There will be lots of LOVE… and Electricity.

A Concert of Rebirth at Holzmarkt 25 – December 1st

Ashia Bison Rouge_Golden_Glow_WEB

One year and a few months after my son’s birth, I am coming out from under the skirts of of young motherhood and shedding some skin and light in the form of song and cello compositions in a concert at Holzmarkt25 in the Artistinhalle. It has been a beautiful and also challenging year. Becoming a mother is not just saying it, its also living it, breathing it, and understanding it. It took me almost a full year to realize what that is and what being a mother is to me. But, even so, I won’t be singing all about maternal longings, no. It will be sounds and texts celebrating love, death, trust, and life in layers of cello loops, strong, and venerable vocals.
I welcome you to join me, in the warmth of the Aristinhalle on floor cushions and chairs for a unique listening experience. DJ Ferry Belafonte will play some Classical and Folk Vinyl upon your arrival and exit.
Tickets are 8/10 Euros

Very Special Show in Berlin at 8 Months Pregnancy @ Kater Blau

I’m happy to announce that I am 8 months with a ‘Little One’ and we’re going to present a special concert June 9th at Kater Blau with songs, improvisations, fairytales, and nightmares solo with just my cello, voice, loopstations, and the sound of the beating heart of the ‘Little One’.
DJ Ferry Belafonte will play/spin vinyl classical and retro-folk records upon entry and post concert while you drink from the bar.
Only for one Night!
Please write to to reserve 8 Euro Tickets!
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A New Year, A New Album!

I’m happy to announce the end of 2015 and the releasing of new recordings into the Wild & Unknown of 2016!
ODƎR !!!
All 13 Songs and 1 Hour of just cello layers, voice, some violin and ukulele will be officially released early 2016.
We celebrated a pre-release of ODƎR at Kater Blau 5.12.15 to a packed and warm audience. Photos of that coming soon <3. Enjoy your New Year whether lighting fire-crackers, drinking champagne, or just sleeping in bed. <3